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Friday 25 May 2012

Departing User Script

Following in the user management theme, this is a script that manages the workflow for a departing user.

I found a need to standardise this process because it was all too easy to miss a step leaving an account open or email going unchecked. As always, mash it up to suit your environment.

Like the earlier script, the info is loaded from a basic CSV file, with a focus on Active Directory, Exchange and Lync.

Summary of steps:
  • Import user info and yes/no triggers from a csv file
  • Move user Profile and Home directories to an archive share
  • Disable Enterprise Voice
    • Removes Unified Messaging in Exchange
    • Removes user from Lync
  • Manage email continuity
    • Gives mailbox access to a nominated user and advises them via email
    • Adds an Out of Office auto reply, with redirection info to nominated user
    • Adds a calendar reminder to eventually disable the email address
    • Alternatively, can just disable email address immediately
  • Archive Mailbox
    • Removes user from Global Address Book
    • Moves the user's mailbox to an archive database
  • Disable AD account
    • Moves to an archive OU
    • Removes AD details (handy to clean org chart or free up IP phone number)
    • Removes from groups and distribution lists
    • Resets user's password
  • Send a summary report and log file via email


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